Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monty Wilson against VRG (Verbalized Religious Garbage)

"How many of us would follow in Abraham's footsteps and argue with God over wiping out Sodom and Gomorra?

How many of us would have the audacity to – Jacob-like – wrestle with God, refusing to let go, even when commanded to do so?

How many of us, while in the thralls of severe trials, hold on to a veneer of religiosity, rather than following the example of he-who-is-without-sin and asking God if it were possible to forgo this particular trial?

God wishes to destroy the city? “Okay!”
God is evidently refusing to bless me? “No problem-o.”
God wants to “execute” me? “Where's the cross?”

The problem with us is that we get to the “Yes, God,” while skipping over the wrestling match. And when we do this, our confessions are only so much VRG because our hearts are still troubled and our minds clouded. If we don't approve of what it appears God is doing, he wants us to argue. When we feel that God is treating us wrongly, he wants us to say so. How else are we to grow in wisdom and understanding: how else will we ever grow in grace?"
Monte E. Wilson III of www.Chistianculture.com


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