Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Storytelling and Worldbuilding in Disney Land

"Stories are about order and control: first one thing happens and then another. So are poems and novels and films -and so is art for that matter. At Disneyland, Walt translated that verbal and pictoral narrative into a material, spacial dimension. He made a city, or a series of cities, that told a story, as a king or his visionary architect might do in drawing up a master plan for a loveley pleasure garden. First comes the fountain. Then, the statue. And then, the castle."

-Karal Ann Marling in Designing Disney's Theme Parks

It seems I never read books until I sell them or they are over due. I just sold this one, so I am scanning through it. Very interesting. Reminds me of Robyn Miller describing Myst and Riven as sort of their version of Disney Land. Storytelling through Worldbuilding. That's what I want to do.


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