Saturday, June 24, 2006

Death by trees and other things

"...and the loss there was great on that day, twenty thousand... The battle spread over the face of all the country, and the forest devoured more people that day than the sword."

End of the battle of Helms Deep right? No! It's actually 2nd Samuel 18:7-8 Amazing similarity though. My dad pointed it out to me this afternoon.

Lately I've been listening to this amazing lecture by Peter Kreeft on language and beauty and the beauty of language and the language of beauty, etc. It really encompasses a lot of things I've been reading and thinking about lately. I listened to it 2 and 1/2 times and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also been listening to the Animation Podcast which is by a Disney employee who has access to lectures from the 70's and current Disney directors. I especially enjoyed his interveiw with Glen Keane. Very inspiring.


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