Friday, February 09, 2007

"i am not a heterosexual" and thoughts on knowledge without god

I found this blogpost the other day via Alastair, it sums up some things I've been thinking about:

"i am not a heterosexual

doubtless, this will not come as a surprise to all. i hear there are rumours that i’m ghey. i am not ghey or homosexual either.

being ‘heterosexual’ seem to imply that i am ’sexually oriented’ towards approximately half the human population, and that i am not. w/e sexual orientation i have is limited to a rather small group of people. it is not that i am sexually oriented firstly to a generic category of beings with vaginas and only next to smaller groups therein defined and chosen by means of certain criteria; rather, it would be always towards specific people at specific times. as is the case with a lot of the words in the english language, i do not like the word ‘heterosexual’ and its opposite ‘homosexual’.

To be a heterosexual is something more like this. not only is it a more generic attraction to ‘women’ in general, but it also involves what a t-shirt has said well: ‘i’m in favor of lesbian marriage, as long as both of them are hot’. for whatever reason, i don’t think male ‘heterosexuality’ has much to say against lesbianism. as many jokingly admit, men who are heterosexuals only happen to be male lesbians. whatever the case, Christendom needs some work on sexuality … a philosophico-theologia sexualis."

- blogger Berek Qinah Smith, "i am not a heterosexual"

This reminds me of how arbitrary and ultimately non-nonsensical all knowledge is when pursued without the starting point that we live in a God-made world and that all knowledge is directly related to him.

In modern secular views of things all study of history, society, art or philosophy will ultimately be a division of anthropology which in turn will be a division of biology which in turn will be a division of perhaps geology which is really a subset of astronomy and physics and chemistry.

Where as, if we acknowledge that we live and move and have our being in God and live and think and speak in a God-made world we know that all these areas of knowledge are really subsets or divisions of theology (queen of the sciences), we know sociology isn't simply a complex working out of chemistry and physics, and that anthropology is theology before it is biology.


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