Friday, November 05, 2004


On Tuesday night I got 1.5 hours of sleep in the Arch. Building, that was interesting. Even at 4 in the morning Kerry was still planning to win the election, I guess something changed before 8am. My sister Kristin who just graduated from Patrick Henry College was campaigning in Penn all week, and then on Tuesday night she got to go to the party at the white-house!

Today I was watching the making of Star Wars dvd, very interesting. Apparently Lucas had kept the story details so quiet, that in the making of the Empire strikes back, Mark Hammel didn't know that that vader was his father until literally minutes before the scene was shot that he finds out. And the actor playing vader in the suit, didn't even know!!

Today I went to Barnes and Noble at about 5:45, and I stayed there till 11. Great fun, I think I'll have to make that a weekly thing. Funny thing, when I was there they played a song from the Amelie soundtrack! So much better reading music then the Jazz they play so often. But anyway mainly read In the Blink of an Eye:

It's a book on film editing, so I didn't expect it to be that interesting, but man! it was incredible, I read 70 pgs in one sitting. It talks about how our vision is 'cut' by our eyes blinking. When we look from our book to the clock on the wall, we usually blink, and just see the book and then the clock, just like on film. He also wrote about how our blinks separate our thoughts. When you are talking to someone, they usually blink right when they 'get' what it is you are saying. You feel odd when someone stares at you w/o blinking or if someone blinks to much during a conversation because it means that they are thinking about other things, not following your conversation. We also says that we notice bad acting (subconsciously) by when the actors blink at the wrong times. (ie, when they are thinkin about their performance, or how they look instead of their character) He also pointed out that you see this a lot in Political Candidates when they are nervous, etc.

When ever I read something like that I always want to go watch people, watch their eyes, etc. Anytime I read books on drawing people or animation I want to watch people too. But people don't like it when you stare at them. I always want to watch how people walk or what their mouths do when they talk, etc But people always think your a psycho or something. :( Oh well, that's life I guess.

I've also been reading Unholy Spirits by Gary North:

It's basically about occultism and demonic power. Very interesting, he talks a lot about para-normal science being real demon interaction. I had previously thought all that stuff was just a hoax or fake, etc. He shows how the modern Atheist, cannot accept anything super-natural in his world view, so he just rejects it no matter how much evidence exists, just as he accepts evolution, despite it's absurdity. He also talks a lot about the common goals of magick and humanistic science: power.

I guess I've become so influenced by the secular worldveiw that I forgot that supernatural evil exist! (I also watched Hell-boy recently, which like Indiana Jones, links the Nazi's with occultism, which I think makes a lot of sense) He refers to Lewis alot, which is nice to see someone so reformed do. I now have renewed interest in reading that Hideous Strength. I'll probably read it this Christmas Also, if I have the guts I may watch the Exorcist sometime. I've heard from Brian Godawa ( that it was good, it really shows the nature of evil.


Blogger Carrie said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog which allowed me to find you. =) Miss ya! Hope all is well....

11/06/2004 12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you must read "That Hideous Strength" will love it!

(this is Amber)

11/06/2004 2:04 PM  

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