Thursday, September 15, 2005

Biking with music.

Well last week, I got an Mp3 player/Usb drive. Thankfully, one of my classes I'm taking required me to buy a usb drive, so I had good excuse.

Anyway, I love listening to music while I ride my bike around campus.
I've always been amazed how music emotionally "colors" your view of what you see.

If I'm listening to exciting music, the people, trees, sidewalk and building flying by me seem to be the essence of adventure.

If I'm listening to depressing music, those same people seem to be monotonously drugging along, the buildings seem stark, the side walk plain.

If I'm listening to beautiful music, the world seems beautiful.

It always seems the aural sets the mood for the visual.
Why is that?

But regardless, listening to music and moving (like biking) seem to fit together. The all the temporal repetitions and sequences of notes seem to fit with the patterns of light and shade as I ride under a row of trees or my pedaling or the crowd of people walking around me. It's so fun.
It's odd that this only became possible to do in the last 100 years. Before that if there was music you watched the musicians play. But then wait, that is watching movement. Or you danced, which come to think of it is like riding my bike through a bunch of people. Maybe it hasn't changed so much...


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