Friday, December 16, 2005

'primitive' cultures

The 'primitive' culture on the island in King Kong made me reconsider our common notion of an uncivilized culture. You know the image, hysteria, chanting, faces full of bones, cannibalism, human sacrifice, etc.

What do we call this culture? We call it uncivilized, primitive.

But primitive means primary, or basic, back to the origin, and if we go back to the origin, the Garden of Eden, is this what we find? No, man was created "civilized" as we say, a cultural, ruling, speaking Image of God; we were made to be sons of God, but evolution and it's ancietnt pagan versions say we are children of the animals or of Mother Earth. We only call this primitive because we have been taught that man slowly turned from an animal that eats other animals, and lives only to survive into something more, but that is not true, this sort of culture didn't exist until a few hundred years into human history, it began in the land of Nod east of Eden, and reached it's peak of evil just before the Flood.

Of course, this culture is not as developed technologically, or artistically ours, but the primary difference is that it is a pagan culture and not a culture of people who worship God. This is simply what culture looks like without the influence of the word of God.

Pagan cultures have often had human and child sacrifice, and as our culture becomes more pagan, we sacrifice our children through abortion to the lame idols of fortune and success.


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