Sunday, January 15, 2006

I just listened to Psmith in the City by P. G. Woadhouse (from Librivox, the book can be found here) It was read by a number of excellent American and British readers (people would read a few chapters at a time), and was absolutely hilarious. I listened to the last three chapters while I painting those hills for pleasure and the first 24 or so while I painting a deck for money.

The Gnomon Workshop ("a library of DVD training for visual effects and concept design artists") has just put up 5 min. Video samples of all their DVD's, I've learned a lot about digital painting just from watching several of those samples. Many of their instructors have worked on Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, like Dusso (who btw, just added to his website his beautiful hi-rez matte-paintings for Episode 3 )


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