Thursday, May 18, 2006

All justice is poetic justice
And all license is artistic license.

For all the world is art,
And all of life is poetry.

For just as man needs a pilot’s license to fly,
He needed artistic license to pretend he was a bird.

And when a murderer is executed,
We call it just because it is fitting and symmetrical

When we decry injustice, we don’t appeal to ethics, but aesthetics.
“Something is out of place; this is not the way it’s supposed to be!”
When we say this, we are usually talking to the great author of history,
Telling him, this isn’t a good story, or this can’t be how it ends.

So when man was given dominion over the earth,
he was given permission and authority to add to and change
the art of the original creation, in fact he was commanded to do this.
So architecture, and invention and literature and engineering:
cathedrals, and airplanes, and Spanish, and computers
Were made because man took artistic license and made buildings that look like forests and halls that fly, etc. So Noah was given license to kill those who wrongly killed, joining God in his poetry by keeping justice.


Blogger Hooser said...

I noticed you found my blog. If you're interested in the arts from a Christian perspective, you may want to check out the works of Calvin Seerveld. Especially his books 'Rainbows for the Fallen World' and 'Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves'.


5/20/2006 8:56 AM  

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