Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Foundation for Spiritual Healing

"Maintaining the illusion that you are a fundamentally well-balanced and relationally sound individual requires one of two things: 1) A rigorous commitment to isolation with the occasionally well-managed public appearance "when you are ready." 2) Or a presenting self that hovers at a safe level, "chipper," "interested," and kiddie-pool shallow. Politicians are not the only ones who need to air brush their images.

But isn't this precisely the kind of soft-core duplicity that Christ calls us to walk away from? None of us are really OK--and that itself is OK, for now, if we recognize it.

This was the first point that Jesus came to make. You won't ever be whole until you admit that you've been fractured. After that, your chances for healthiness get progressively better."

-fellow blo
gger Ariel Vanderhorst, (see the original post here at his excellent blog Bittersweat Life)


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