Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jim Eliot on the joys of merely being

"Just finished For Whom the Bell Tools. A most intriguing work and one raising some problems for a Christian. Realistic, psychological, compactly detailed, it presents a literary landmark for me in it's style alone. Would that I could get aroused about experiencing God in life as the modern writers are aroused at just experiencing life. They make no comment, draw no conclusions, point no moral, simply state things as they are in simple words in up-to-date settings. Perhaps it is for this very lucidity that they hold such grip on one. Must we always comment on life? Can it not simply be lived in the reality of Christ's terms of contact with the Father, with joy and peace, fear and love full to the fingertips in their turn, without incessant drawing of lessons and making of rules? I do not know."

-Journals of Jim Eliot
(Thanks Buff for giving me this, so long ago.)


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