Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thoughts on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness #2

If truth and beauty and goodness are ultimately deeply connected; and if we are physical, emotional beings, as well as thinking ones: can we really know any truth without also finding that truth beautiful or ugly? And, on finding so, are we not moved (sometimes literally) to act on it. (to position ourselves or bodies in relation to this newfound beauty or ugliness)

And is our emotional or physical response to reality a separate thing then our intellectual response? Are they not all aspects or dimensions of the same thing?

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Blogger Bethanie said...

About the interconnectedness of truth and beauty:

I was reading CS Lewis's The Weight of Glory again recently, and Lewis talks about our having a desire for heaven, (even if we don't know it) and he says that it's that certain longing that beauty leaves you with, like how you would rather be absorbed into a sunset than just see it as an outsider, sort of. He talks about how we always feel like outsiders as far as the beauty of nature, and how once we are with the Lord, and are truly who we're supposed to be, then the ache from beauty won't be there anymore. If that makes sense. As usual, Lewis said it better, but anyway, I was just thinking about that when I read this post....

9/21/2008 9:05 PM  

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