Saturday, November 06, 2004

Trinity and Storytelling

I just read a great entry in Peter Leithart's blog:
It's an article on Trinity and Story. Check it out.
Also Doug Wilson has some interesting thoughts on the election: As much as I like Bush, It is disturbing that he has bought in to Poly-theism just to get elected. Bush! Please remember we serve a jealous God.
Edit: here is the post I was refering to in Doug Wilson's blog:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I can gather, Bush is pretty consistent in his stance on religions in doesn't embracing polytheism just to get elected; he consistently reached out to "all walks of faith" throughout his past administration. It wasn't necessarily an election ploy.

Even though I disagree with Wilson's reasons for voting against Bush (like he said...what would have happened to the courts if we had gotten Kerry?!?!?)...I appreciated his comment that Christians are way too prone to accept a watered-down version of "Christianity" if it advances their agenda in politics, rather than trusting their sovereign Lord and advancing His Name as a first priority. You see that way too much here in DC...and it gets pretty icky after awhile.
(this is Kristin again, btw, me, your sister,...can you believe I am posting on a blog?? I can't..)

11/07/2004 4:58 PM  
Blogger Stejahen said...

Hey Kristin, I was refering to what what wilson said here: "George Bush is far more likely than any liberal Democrat to get evangelical Christians to justify and go along with a public square religious syncretism. As a matter of settled policy, Bush has observed Ramadan in the White House, conducted a polytheistic worship service in the National Cathedral, offered reverence in a Shinto shrine in Japan, and so on. Many of these things, if done by a liberal Democrat, would (rightly) have had Christians up in arms. But with Bush, they go along."
You would probably enjoy the stuff George Grant says (and quotes) on politics in his blog here:
I haven't really read much of it, but he's probably more for bush then Wilson. BTW, have you been listining to those conference tapes lately?

11/07/2004 5:29 PM  

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