Sunday, October 31, 2004

Grandiose Film-like project

Whoa!? What's this? It seems virtual termites have virtually eaten by virtually bad and virtually dumb idea. How odd.

Oh well.


Ok, I think I'll divide my posts something like these categories:
Film Ideas
Cool Website
thoughts on film
Maybe that will order my chaos a little.

PS I just noticed that they don't have the words blog or blogger in the spell checker, how's that for irony!

....and suddenly I have a blog.

Well, I finally have a blog. I chose blogger because anyone can comment anonymously (you don't have to have an account) I'll probably create an empty xanga account so I can comment on Xangian blogs.

Well, let's see, this is kind of an ironic thing having a public journal. At first I wasn't sure who I'd want to be able to read it, eg. Christian friends, non-Christian friends, public, etc. But sense it's online, I just assume anyone could read it.

Which brings up an interesting thought. As a Christian, I am very closely tied to other Christians, so when I talk sometimes, I'll talk directly about non-Christians, as a different group then Christians. And if both groups read this blog, well, I wouldn't want to offend anyone.

I guess that's what my title is talking about Being In the World, but not Of it. Well anyway...
I guess I'll start off by posting some blogs I occasionally(some very occasionally) read:

People I don't know personally: (his movie blogs)

People I do know:


This is a fish I'm working on for the AgCG (Aggie Computer Graphics) club. It's the first thing I've really sat down and made on the computer in several years, so that was fun, now I just have to texture it. I modeled it in this free program called Anim8or (
It took probably 7ish hours to model, but it was fun, It's definitely the best living thing I've ever modeled.