Friday, September 16, 2005

a chapter from the story of my life

Along time ago a bike wreck happened that damaged the front tire on my former room-mate's bike.

A while after that, I was late for work at the Library, I left my bike unlocked.
My bike was stolen. My room-mate sold me his. I rode it for months a few months.
Then the same room-mate found and returned my stolen bike to me.
I rode it for months, then it broke down.

I then continued to ride the bike he sold me for the past year. The tire was slowly wearing out.
Yesterday riding home from class, the tube finally popped, I walked the rest of the way back to my dorm.

Because I was not riding my bike, I didn't park it in the normal place, I put it elsewhere as I wouldn't be riding it too soon.

because I parked my bike in an abnormal place, I went in the wrong ramp of Walton, E ramp. I walked passed what I thought was the closed laundry room door, wondering why it was closed and people could be heard playing poker in there. When I got to the second floor I realized I was in E ramp instead of F.

This morning I got up and washed my laundry, but I couldn't take a shower as my towels were in the wash. So, I didn't take a shower until 11:30 which means I couldn't return my checked out Camera to the Architecture dept. until 11:43. The Camera was due at noon.

And of course I was walking, while walking, I past an interesting pipe that was letting steam out by the chemistry building. I had to stop and take pictures.

I would not have seen if it if I was on my bike.

So I get to Langford, I try to log on to a computer to get my steam pictures off the camera, but I can't login, so I got to the help desk, on my way I set the two library books down on a table. At the help desk they reset my password, after a while I am finally able to log in. I return the camera. I go back to get my books, but they are gone.

I ask the man standing in the hall next to the table. He doesn't know. I look around, and then go to the Arch. Library. Someone had picked them up and brought them there. They are from Evans library.

So I walk towards evans library, on my way I run into a guy I've not talked to in a while.
I stop and talk for a few seconds. We plan to meet again.

If my room-mate had not been in a bike wreck so many years ago, this would not have happened, or if my tire hadn't popped, or if my bike wasn't stolen, or I hadn't put my towel in the wash, or if I didn't stop to take pictures, or if my password hadn't been reset, or if I hadn't lost my library books, this would not have happened.

And story goes on...

Life if full of stuff like that.
I'm anxious to see where God's story will lead.


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