Friday, September 15, 2006

Jacek Yerka


I just discovered this wonderful artist from the Lines and Colors blog. Check out his website here. This image called Jesien, reminds me of This place from Riven:

Alot of his work seems to be in the same sort of worlds as Myst and Riven, and near perhaps some of the Narnia worlds and Harry Potter worlds.

It seems the surrealism I like usually has nothing to do with perspective tricks, etc (like Escher, as much as I like his work) I like rather a world that takes reality and twists it slightly, giving the adjectives of one thing to something completely different (as tolkien describes fantasy), all while remaining plausible. Much of Jacek's work has this quality and a few pieces are more like pop surrealism. I guess it's the difference between a fully detailed world building and simple optical illusions.

The difference between his surrealism, and say Dali's is the difference between a nightmare and a dream, you might say. It's a world you want to go to.


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