Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weirdish dreams of late

-A few weeks ago I dreamed that I sold a book (on amazon) to Bono (I've no idea what the book was.)

-The other night I dreamed I attended a musical play version of the animated philosophical movie Waking Life (which is actually about dreaming)

-Last night I dreamed I had some sort of Trek through Corpus carrying a BB rifle and a real handgun, and a few other items I can't remember. I didn't use them at all, and I didn't seem to have the guns to use them, just to carry them (I may have even held them in a bag or by the barrel)

Edit: Thoughts on sources of the dreams. The first one undoubtedly came from listening to U2 while bookscouting or packaging books. The second probably came from listening to Les Miz while riding 20 min to the movie theater to see an another animated movie by Richard Linklater who made waking life, and listening to Les Miz alot and watching alot of Linklater films alot. The last dreamI've no idea.


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