Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Universe as the Living Image of God


"How then did Calvin teach us to regard the world in which
we live? We should be attentive spectators in the theater of
God's glory, who seek to recognize the actor on the stage by
means of the powers revealed in his actions. We should
contemplate and meditate on the world as the living image of
God, in which the invisible God renders himself somewhat
visible, so that the powers we behold, feel, and enjoy in this
image might lead us by anagoge to the God representing
himself to us in this image. We should be ravished with
amazement and astonishment at the beauty of the fabric of the
universe, which reveals the goodness of God to us and sweetly
allures us to seek God."

-Randall C. Zaclunan in the article:
The Universe as the Living Image of God:
Calvin's Doctrine of Creation Reconsidered


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