Saturday, December 02, 2006

on earth as it is in heaven

"I'm what is called a "post-millenialist," meaning that when Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like leaven working in a lump until the whole lump is leavened, and that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that grows until all the birds of heaven come and nest in its branches, then we are supposed to expect that the world lump will be leavened with the gospel, and that the world birds will find their home in Jesus' kingdom. Jesus said to go and disciple nations, teaching them to obey everything he commanded, and so we can expect that the nations will learn to obey Jesus.

This hasn't happened yet. But I expect it will happen. And I expect it will take a long time. That means that we may now be in the period that will someday be known as the Early Church."
-The next 10,000 years (a blog post by the Presbyteer)

"... it would seem odd if the Lord gave Adam a commission to rule and subdue the earth, sent His Son to die and rise again as the Last Adam to restore humanity to that task, and then ended the whole process after a couple thousand years, just when we were beginning to make a few meager advances in achieving dominion over creation. Humanity – I say it with reverence – would feel more than a little cheated, like a teenager never given a chance to grow up.

Most editions of the Book of Common Prayer has a table for calculating the dates for feast days, and the table can be used up to about the year 6000 AD. I'm with those guys."
-Coming Soon? (Peter Leithart)

"The next thing looks like it will be China, which probably has more Christians now than the U.S. does. And the Chinese don't know from Calvin or Aquinas. They have been insulated and isolated and have grown up with just Jesus and the Bible. Who knows how that will play out.

And then the next thing will be the Muslim world. The West's Christians have been sentimental, revivalistic, and exhibiting an irrepressible genius for the slide into liberal apostasy. Once the Muslim world converts, then the West will look absolutely anemic."

-The next 10,000 years (a blog post by the Presbyteer)



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