Sunday, June 26, 2005

Backlogging: Year old thoughts on Nihilism

These are some thoughts I wrote down a year ago on Nihilism:

God is the creator and sustainer of all things.
If you deny God you deny all things.
You must deny of course
morality and trees,
brothers and stars,
gravity and eyes,
movement and emotion,
humans and logic.
You must deny also that you exist.
You must deny that denial exists.
You must deny that existence exists.
If you deny the source of reason, you are left with anti-reason; just as if you deny the source of ethics you have anti-ethics.

To be a nihilist is to believe in nothing;
to hold on to nothing;
to live for nothing;
to think nothing exists.
To be a nihilist is to be insane.
To be a nihilist is to commit suicide.

That is why there are no nihilists.

atheists, if they want to exist, must borrow from Christianity.
They must borrow logic.
They must borrow the will to live.
They must borrow the concept of a concept.
They must borrow the idea of an idea.
They must borrow everything.

In borrowing these things they are actually believing God exists, secretly hoping no-one will notice, hoping that they themselves won't notice.

This is why the Bible says there are no atheists.

A-theism is not a philosophy.
It is an anti-philosophy
It is not a love of wisdom.
It is a hatred of wisdom.

Because the concept of hatred is it's self something wise, they will hate hatred, as they deny their own denial.

Nietzsche was not an atheist,
he believed in God...


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