Thursday, June 30, 2005

A small world, Robyn Miller, and the Nature of Order

A few days ago I clicked a link on my friends blog ( to another blog ( and clicked a link there to another blog ( which had a post that had a link to Robyn Miller's blog. A blog I visit several times a week! How odd. What a small world! And His and my friends blog are completely unrelated.

Speaking of which, Robyn Miller has an excellent blog on all things odd and aesthetically interesting. He's the creative mind behind Myst and Riven, and has always been something of an 'idol' for me. One of his latest blog entries is on Theo Jansen's wooden creatures (powered by the wind) that stroll beaches in herds. Be sure to check out the videos:

I also found in my nightly procrastination, a very interesting architect named Christopher Alexander who wrote 4 books in a series called the Nature of Order:
The Phenomenon of Life
The Process of Creating Life
A Vision of a Living World
The Luminous Ground
If the weren't so expensive, I'd buy them for their elegant covers and interesting titles alone! But seriously, they look incredibly interesting. He seems to be something of a theist, given this quote:
". . . I believe he is likely to be remembered most of all, in the end, for having produced the first credible proof of the existence of God . . ."
Probably not a Christian, but still. Here's a quote from the overview of book 4

"The book begins with a critique of current cosmological thinking, and its separation from personal feeling and value. The outline of a theory in which matter itself is more spirit-like, more personal in character, is sketched"
He seems to be longing for the Trinity, and for the accurate view of the world, where Persons and not things or stuff is most fundamental and basic. In the summary of book 1 it says:
"Starting with an analysis of the arbitrariness of present-day architecture.." That also is comforting. Modern architecture and its daughter Post-modern architecture are arbitrary because they are based in an arbitrary philosophy, where knowledge is based in an arbitrary arrangement of bits of information and matter. In truth, thankfully knowledge is grounded in personally knowing the Trinity who created everything; And nothing in the universe is arbitrary. In an amazon review of the 2nd book the reviewer says
"The processes of nature can make an infinite number of human faces, each one unique, each one beautiful. The same is true for daffodils, streams, and stars"
Wow! That is the one and the many, the infinite originality, the old newness of our God! Processes of nature, baloney!


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