Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my dream last night

Last night I had a dream, and I remember it. It's the first memorable dream I've had in a while, and was very good.

I was at my grandparents house in San Antonio, when my brother came in from the backyard asking me to help him fix the fence. He informed me that he was playing swords and accidentally knocked it down. So I go outside, and it turns out he was 'playing swords' with an 8 foot landscape timber, and had somehow destroyed a good portion of a their large wooden fence.

At this point, I was suddenly, unknowingly and naturally in the harry potter universe. So I was going to fix it by magic. (this is one of the only movie/book dreams I've had, I always used to envy my friends for having them). So anyway somehow their were these creatures where the broken fence was, and for some reason I had to turn them into something else. At this point I remember looking at a diagram in a book of one creature gradually turning into another. I remember looking over my shoulder and talking to a girl that could have been one of my sisters or Hermione or both. Anyway I am quite sure that this diagram was in the dream because right before I went to bed I was looking at a book on figure drawing, that had step by step drawings of a human figure. Any way I remember saying something that ended in California something, and I had said it wrong, and the creatures had turned into one small green dragon (the size of a hippo) with a longish neck. So it was chasing me (or us) around the yard (this probably came from being around my sisters horses). Thinking of it now, it seems like it would have been very scary, but it didn't seem all that bad then. I remember something about gates, like trying to keep it on one side of a fence or something. It kind of cuts off there. I think my alarm was going off. So I hit snooze, and then I remember something about looking through a large bookshelf with large and old books. And finding a book by Lewis I had never heard of. It was about 12 by 18 inches in a slip case, very old, perhaps to old for C.S. Lewis. Then I think I woke up.

I felt very rested when I woke. That probably was because I got to sleep late yesterday. Anyway, that's my dream.


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