Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bob Sabiston

Time for a quick blog.

Well, I found the Waking Life DVD at blockbuster for 10$, and I had a chance to watch some special features with Bob Sabiston before I went to see him. It was sort of surreal seeing him speak in person, just hours after watching interviews with him on the DVD. He showed several short films and excerpts of longer films.

All very interesting. Unfortunately they had some problems with the audio, and annoying person on the front row kept asking irrelevant questions, but that didn't detract too much.

The last thing he showed was sort of a moving abstract painting, which was very cool, even though I don't normally like abstract work. You can see it and a bunch more at his website:

The other work was mainly filmed interviews with people that was animated over. It was a very interesting way of exploring facial expressions.


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