Sunday, September 25, 2005

I can't sleep.

Maybe it's because I had a cough-drop as a went to bed;
maybe it's my thoughts;
but more likely, my internal clock is screwed up.

The last several days I've slept something like 3am to 12noon, sometimes waking up for a class at 8 and returning to sleep. Homework keeping me up? Not really. Anyway, I need to change that habit.

Speaking of habits, this week was a great week for me as far as Bible reading goes. I read my Bible everyday of the week. That's rare for me, but praise God. Habit's aren't to hard to form. I've been reading 2 psalms, a proverb and 2 or 3 chapters from Isaiah a day, out loud.

Reading outloud is a great because your eyes read the words, your mouth forms the words and your ears hear the words, so it's like getting "300% more free". But seriously, I've heard silent reading is a modern thing, words are meant to be heard.

I started reading Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, It is excellent, very convicting.
More later, maybe I can sleep now.


Blogger Carrie said...

I LOVE "Life Together." Reminds me that ...there are no dispensable crewmen!

9/26/2005 7:23 AM  

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