Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dust colored people

One of the fun things about being at a big university like A&M is getting to be around people from all over the world, it's fun just seeing the diversity in faces and accents, etc. But one thing stuck me today: it's interesting, and of course perfectly natural that all human skin colors are also the exact same colors as dirt, sand, clay, dust, and soil. It's natural because we are Images made out of dirt and dust and clay. The color of human beings is the color of the earth. Again, David Hegeman talks about this in his aforementioned book, God made man, Adam out of the dust of the earth, Adamah. Thus quite literally we are earthlings, though that sounds very sci-fi-ish.

Perhaps if we remembered this, or more deeply knew it, gnostisism (the material is evil) would be less of a threat, and we would be more immune to much secular philosophy, which Peter Leithart has defined as "a highly rarefied form of dirt avoidance."

But back to human diversity, it seems this is a big part of how we image God who is infinite and both one and many, in order to image some of his infiniteness, each of us with our bodies and souls are slightly different reflecting another angle and different rays of His Glory.


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