Thursday, February 15, 2007

my first (and so far only) foray into worldbuilding

My interest in worldbuilding and storytelling, my love of reading and drawing and my desire to be a film maker all go back to an old computer game called Myst. These are some images of a myst inspired world I made about 6 years ago.

See more images of Vynclif here in this post at my sketch blog.

Here are my myst related blog posts.

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Blogger noneuclidean said...

Those are some enchanting designs. Are you planing on being a game designer? I think video games have a much better future than film.

Speaking of worlds in games, have you ever played any of the bioware games? They, in my opinion, are the best right now at creating beautiful, living worlds. Their about to come out with a new space themed RPG called Mass Effect. It ought to be incredibly groundbreaking. On of their older games, Knights of the Old Repbulic, had a planet which was so beautifully crafted that I just wanted to wander around and listen and watch. Now the graphics in KOTOR look dated, but there is still a captivating charm to it.

2/18/2007 4:02 PM  

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