Sunday, November 14, 2004

Art and Sh*t

Today while at the Arts section of Half Price Books, two girls (obviously looking for a book that wasn't in the art section) walked by and one said "Oh that's art and sh*t."
After a few seconds said to myself "my thoughts exactly"
She of course meant Art and stuff, but what passes as Art today is often literally sh*t. (like much of the 'art' we pay our government to sponsor) And if the 'art' isn't physically sh*t, then it's the creative equivalent.
A book on Rembrandt next to a book on Pollock really are books on art and sh*t respectively.

Posts coming soon: (hopefully)
Thoughts on the movie Primer,
thoughts on the Film Festival I went to this weekend,
and thoughts about propaganda and story


Blogger Mike said...

I really don't get why the word is any different because of a little asterisk, but I guess that might just by my problem.

11/15/2004 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its Kristin...
I liked In but not Of better than the Latin thing you have going on now...
What is it supposed to mean? I procrastinate, I study? If so, you have it wrong, but I don't know enough latin to fix it....just enough to be irritating and tell you its wrong. :0)

11/19/2004 9:01 AM  
Blogger Stejahen said...

Mike, some people are of the opinion (not me) that if certain letters are in close proximity then a great evil is summoned. Oddly enough, these people would probably not mind seeing "sh*t".

Kristin, It was a Pun on Descartes' "I doubt therefore I think therefore I am" I was saying, "I procrastinate, therefore I think, therefore I study" Which I guess doesn't really make any more sense then Decartes' enlightenment geek-speak...

11/19/2004 6:49 PM  

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