Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Hungry for a Month:
"For the month of November, I’m only spending $30 on food. The only exception will be things that are freely available to the average person (salt taken from restaurants, sauce packets from Taco Bell, free coffee from an office). Buying in advance is fine, but at the end of the month, it all has to add up to $30 or less..."

How to Change Your Mind
"This post contains a four step process that could transform your life by, quite literally, changing your mind.
'...I saw something in his Christian life to which I was a comparative stranger –a peace, a rest, a joy, a kind of spiritual poise I knew little about. One day I ventured to ask him how he had become possessed of the experience, when he replied, “By reading the epistle to the Ephesians.” "

Form Follows Function?
"After noticing that the ugliest buildings in town are at the art gallery, I began pondering modern design. Since modernism is all about shifting blame to root causes, I’ve decided that the poverty of modern plastic design is rooted in a failure of poetic vocabulary.

...Better: “Form REJOICES in function”. This gives both nouns something to do. Function’s work is outside the epigram, in the activity itself that is — let’s say — taking place within the building this architect is drawing. Form’s work is to rejoice in the activity, not just accomodate it, and not distract from it"

Digital Poetics:Film Stills and Third Meanings
"Until then, there is the radical beauty of CGI action sequences of so many Hollywood blockbuster films (The Day After Tomorrow and Spiderman 2 below). These are surrealist still images, experiments with time and space and frame composition whose beauty is lost on us because they go by so fast, and because they are embedded in familiar stories that practically beg to be dismissed. Take them out of the film, blow them up, and hang them in some swanky art gallery showcasing surrealist images and they'd be right at home."

The Book Design Review This is an interesting ongoing reveiw of book covers and their design, and is mostly image bases "I need to see this in person -- I hope the colors are as fantastic as they look here. And as one who very often criticizes tame typography, here it makes perfect sense; anything more than this would have competed with the rest of the jacket."

not for the feigned of art


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