Tuesday, November 16, 2004


While I'm not sleeping, and not doing the homework I should be doing, nor reading all the good books I want to read or other things, I may as well post another interesting blog by Leithart:
It's about Laughter. So very interesting.
another interesting one here: http://www.leithart.com/archives/000749.php

I've also added 3 more books to my amazon wishlist from reading his blog. Funny. I spend almost more time finding books I want to buy then I do reading the ones I have!

While I'm writing, I may as well recommend the movie Primer to you. After much anticipation, I saw it last thursday night. It was beyond my expectations. It's the most thought provoking film I've ever seen, and is definitely in my top ten list (which is a very competitive spot). Part of the reason I was looking forward to it was because it was made by a Christian, Math Major who lives in Dallas, w/ no film experience, and the film won the main award at Sundance, and he shot it on film (which is expensive) all for under 7000$. That basically means he's a genius. Oh yeah, and he wrote, directed, produced, acted the major part, edited, composed the music, and did the cinematography too.
Anyway, it's showing at a few theaters in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. You can find them at www.fandango.com . If you like movies that make you think, that are beautiful, and that are deep, see Primer.


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