Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving and before

Well, I had a great Thanksgiving! I got to see all 5 of my sisters, my parents, my brother, my grandparents, many of my aunts, Uncles, and cousins, and a family of close friends!

I am so thankful for my family.

At thanksgiving, I weighed myself at 195 lbs, last time I weighed my self I was at least 210 (some time last summer) so apparently I've lost my freshman 15. Heh.
(Newsflash! Attn. Girls who want to lose weight! Give me all your money and/or meal plans, and you are guaranteed money back to lose at least 15 lbs very fast!)

Last Saturday night (a week ago). I ate, talked, watched movie, and talked somemore with friends(Stephen McMillan, David Grey, and Mike Graham) . That was really fun. I've been so busy lately, it was the first human interaction I'd had in a while. It wasn't IM, email, phone, forum, or the like, it was real human interaction, and theres no replacing it.
We went to see the incredible which was awesome! Pixar did it again. I agree with what Brian Godawa and Peter Leithart said. I hope their next film is up to par w/ the rest!

During the last 2 weeks I slept in the Arch. dept several times (I do that when I get less then 2.5 hours of sleep) But last monday, on my way to the couch-thing, Low and behold, there was someone on my couch! And it was Tres (of RUF fame). So I had to go all the way to the MSC to sleep. Heh.

Another random tid-bit. If you ever want to play darts/throwing-knives with Exacto-knives come to east side of the second floor of Langford C after 2am on Sunday nights. We have a target set up on the bulletin board. It's great fun. Just don't lose your knife.


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