Monday, November 29, 2004

Augustine Film

After listening to some old Ligoneer tapes by J. Gerstner on Augustine, I was re-inspired to think about making a film on the life of St. Augustine. That would be awesome. It could be a trilogy. The first movie he's un-converted. He's converted in the second. He's theologian in the third, and it ends with the sack of Rome! It would have him writing the Confessions and the City of God, etc. Someone really has to do that. He's probably the most influential Christian thinker in history. Loved by Reformed Protestants and Roman Catholics alike. The African founder of European Christendom. It would be great for Roman Catholic-Protestant discussion. And would renew interest in reading him. We essentially have the script with the Confessions (which I must finish over Christmas break, as well as read the City of God)
Tell me, How is this not perfect for a film. We have Ambrose and Monica, we have a huge detailed character arc. It's Dramatic, it's interesting, and there's few movies about the time period. Someone must do a good film(s) about Augustine!

If you haven't read the world's first and best autobiography, written by that great church father, please do yourself a favor and read it over break, it's so good.


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