Monday, November 29, 2004

The Brothers Miller

(these last 3 posts were originally one, but I decided to break them up as it was quite long)

Recently I've been reading Ryan Millers blog. Younger brother of the Rand and Robyn Miller who made myst. Interesting.

Also here's an interesting article about Robyn Miller, who may well me my favorite author/artist/musicion/film-maker/etc. today
Heres a quote:

"The Christ story is a myth I believe is true, and is incredibly compelling,"
Miller says. "It's become dulled in our imaginations, but if we could listen to
it for the first time - a god who has a son who becomes a man, who makes the
supreme sacrifice - it's still very alive." .....

For Miller, precision in a
work of art is more than a reward unto itself - it's a tribute to the author of
authors, whose trademark is the .sig file of all things. "Whether you're making
cabinets, designing software, or writing an article, I believe that God would
have us make things well, and act creatively in every scenario, because that's
what He does and we're made in His image."

Some good pics of riven can be found here:

Looking back on my life so far, Robyn miller really has been very influencial in my interests, tastes and goals. So I'll post somemore interveiws:
and one with his brother Rand:

And then a link to Richard Vander Wende's site , who worked closely with Robyn on Riven:

P.S. Please comment, I'd love to know what yall think.


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