Monday, November 29, 2004

an old Poem

I wrote this at least 3 1/2 years ago. It was my first and best poem, I just found the one scrap of paper I had it written down on, and figured I'd put in in a fairly stable place. (unlike the hard-drive it was burried on)
In my daily interactions
with the world around me,
I've yet to find a moment
that does not astound me
I've ne'er been so surprised
at the ways of Time and Space
Nor seen some Matter in Motion,
that's not flying in my face.
The order, The Perfection,
the sheer Beauty of it all!
Is but a dim reflection
like a mirror on a wall
Of a much greater reality
one which only could enthrall
With all irrationality
any man under this law.
Are all mortals such great fools,
to take the trash and leave the Jew'ls?
Act we all like stubborn mules,
to think that we could set the rules?
If complex, we call it chaos,
If miraculous, then by chance.
Are we so blind as not to see,
This Vast, Eternal Dance?
"In Him we live and move,
And have our very being."
He is truly the Eye,
Through which is done all seeing.


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