Saturday, January 08, 2005

Behind on blogs...

Well... It's been a while since I've blogged, read blogs or written in them. Such is life with slow to non-existant internet connections and fulltime jobs. There's so much I could blog about, and so many blogs to catch up on. But blogs are fun, so that shouldn't be a problem. :)

I'll start with some new year resolution like things I wrote down a week ago:

On the new year... I've decided my thoughts dwell too much on myself.
What a selfish hermit I am at times!

I think I'll just try not to sin where I've previously sinned, read God's word, love God, and love my neighbors.

Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be thankful, be freindly, etc.

Maybe just be human, who knows?

Lets see, for now I'll just make a list of things I should blog on:
what I've been up to,
Movies and books,
snow in rockport!,
my family,
and my plans for this semester
... coming soon.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of being a hermit, I've been looking for you but haven't seen you online, let alone in person. You are back in College Station, aren't you?
~ Stephen Mac

1/20/2005 9:53 PM  

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